Research projects

The Diet Diary is an an Android application that contain USDA databse of foods and alllows easy and intuitive reporting of food intake. The key features of the Diet Diary include:

  1. Searchable and consumer-adapted USDA database
  2. Drop lists for selecting serving size
  3. Ability to take pictures of the meal before and after the meal
  4. Ability to take pictures of any given food
  5. Automatic computation of caloric content
  6. Automatic recording of date/time/duraton of a meal
  7. Automatic upload of the food records and pictures to a remote server
  8. Web interface to the food diaries
  9. Ability to work in pair with Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM) (AIM) and prompt the user when AIM detects food intake (in progress)

More information, screen shots and example of food diaries coming soon