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    The Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM-2)
    for monitoring of diet, nutrient and energy intake

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    Flexible Robust Instrumentation of
    Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (FRIENDS)

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    Smart powered orthotic and prosthetic devices.


Welcome to the Computer Laboratory of Ambient and Wearable Systems in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama. The laboratory is engaged in several cutting edge research projects developing wearable devices for physiological and behavioral monitoring. The laboratory develops state-of-the-art technologies working in close collaboration with leading clinical researchers in the areas of nutrition and obesity, rehabilitation, physical activity monitoring, addiction and others.

On this site you may find description of projects, links to papers and datasets.

The Automatic Ingestion Monitor

The Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM) was developed and validated in our previous and ongoing NIH-funded projects. The AIM is a passive food intake sensor requiring no self-report of eating episodes, just compliance with wearing the device. The AIM (AIM-2) capable of automatic detection of food intake, characterization of meal microstructure and capturing images of the food being eaten.