Electronic and Electromechanical Tester of Physiological Sensors

Edward Sazonov, Timothy Haskew, Stephanie Schuckers, Andrew Price and Bryant Grace, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Sensing Technology, Dec. 18th-21st, 2012, Kolkata, India, pp. 806-810.



Physiological sensors for respiration, and electrodermal activity have been historically used in polygraph devices and sleep laboratories. Periodic testing of these sensors is important to maintain predictable performance of the measurement equipment. This paper describes an Electronic and Electromechanical Tester (EET) for physiological sensors that allows for accurate and repeatable reproduction of the recorded or computer-generated physiological signals. The tester is interfaced to a personal computer via USB and contains three time-synchronous channels: two electromechanical simulators for testing abdominal and thoracic respiratory sensors, and an electronic simulator for testing electrodermal sensors. All of the simulated physiological channels apply direct physical actuation to the corresponding sensors. Preliminary validation of the EET demonstrated high accuracy and repeatability of the simulated physiological signals with an average absolute difference between simulated waveforms in the range of 1%-3.9%.